99 Rock Presents

Crown The Empire

with Attila, Veil of Maya, Gideon, Hawk, Life Right Now

Tue, Aug 20

Doors: 5:00 pm

Show: 6:00 pm
Ages 16 and Up
Crown The Empire
Band Members
Andy Leo: Vocals @andrewcte
Brandon Hoover: Guitar @brandoncte
Hayden Tree: Bass @haydentree
Brent Taddie: Drums @brenttaddie

Dallas, Texas
Record Label
Rise Records: http://facebook.com/riserecords

New album, RETROGRADE out now at Target, Best Buy, FYE, Amazon, MerchNow and iTunes: smarturl.it/cte-retrograde
Party Metal/ Rock & Roll

Band Members
Chris "Fronz" Fronzak -Vocals- @FRONZ1LLA
Chris Linck -Guitar- @chrisATTILA
Kalan Blehm -Bass- @kalanAdamb
Bryan Mcclure - Drums

Atlanta, GA
Veil of Maya
“The whole album is told from a first-person perspective,” Lukas explains. “You’re following this character who’s not the nicest man. He rises to power though. You’ll have to listen in order to find out how it ends. The storyline is very dark.”
“It felt more like we were making a movie or a TV series,” adds Marc. “Lukas actually had a storyboard idea that we talked about before even starting. It’s almost like we were providing the soundtrack in Veil of Maya’s template.”
The seeds for this widescreen ambition can be traced back to 2015’s Matriarch. The album bowed at #2 on the Billboard US Hard Rock Chart and spawned the band’s biggest hit to date, “Mikasa”—which racked up over 5.2 million YouTube views and 5.1 million Spotify streams. Meanwhile, “Leeloo,” “Ellie,” and “Aeris” each cracked the 1-million mark on Spotify. Matriarch earned acclaim from Billboard, Alternative Press, New Noise Magazine, and more as the guys hit the road with the likes of Animals As Leaders, Upon A Burning Body, Volumes, Chelsea Grin, Oceans Ate Alaska, and other heavy hitters in addition to a stint on the Vans Warped Tour. Late 2016 saw the musicians head to Los Angeles in order to record what would become False Idol. Marc worked with producer Max Schad in one studio, while Lukas teamed with vocal producer Brandon Paddock in another.
“Two studios working at the same time was a new approach for us,” continues Marc. “In the past, we completed all of the instrumentals for Lukas to marinate on. Everything was done by the time he joined the band. This is the first time we got to write with his voice in mind. Another change, he was writing on the spot. It brought a different energy and ended up really cool. Max made a big difference too.”

That difference stands out in Veil of Maya’s marked sonic evolution. Every element is amplified: it’s heavier, it’s more hypnotic, and it hits even harder.
“The overall vibe is darker and heavier,” reveals Lukas. “with the story, the demeanor got pretty sinister. That’s an element that I don’t think anybody was expecting.”
The first single “Overthrow” revs up from a crushing tidal wave of riffing into a soaring and striking clean refrain. It taps into the expansive energy of signature fan favorites, while elevating the group to a new level.
“It’s got some of that ‘Mikasa’ spirit,” smiles Marc. “We thought that couldn’t hurt!”
“We show references to the beginning of the main character’s life at this point in terms of the content,” says Lukas. “It was a more compelling way to tell the story. All of the songs stand alone. They represent their own pieces of the story.”
Whether it’s the pulverizing power of “Overthrow” and “Doublespeak” or knockout send-off of “Tyrant” and “Livestream,” False Idol exorcises an unforgettable narrative in the landscape of Veil of Maya’s most definitive work to date.
“We wanted to create something refreshing,” Lukas leaves off. “We didn’t recycle the same old thing. It’s a new beginning.”
“I hope the record is something people want to go back to and study again,” concludes Marc. “It’s worth more than one listen.”
Life Right Now
Buckle up, because LIFE RIGHT NOW’s highly anticipated new album, “Avant-Garde” hits the gas quickly and doesn't let up. Pulsating, groovy riffs with sudden breakdowns and irresistible hooks define the group's first offering. In mid-2018, Zachary Scott (harsh vocals), Justin DiMarco (bass/clean vocals), and Kyle Dameron (guitar) entered the studio to start demoing out ideas for their debut release. During this time, the trio expanded when they met drummer Bryan McClure of the powerhouse metal act ATILLA. “I didn't know what to expect when Zach approached me,” says McClure. “I’m open to all music, I love a little bit of everything, but when I heard what they were creating, I was down.” With their lineup solidified, the quartet handed off their self-produced tracks to Kyle Dameron (Rareform Studios) for mixing and mastering. Standout tracks from the album include the crowd-pleasing opener "Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right (But Three Do)." With DiMarco’s incredibly smooth and controlled voice, the track becomes the ultimate tone setter for the record as layers of harmonies resonate throughout the album, cutting through the clever and gratifying melodies. "Wolfpack" is a beautifully arranged, radio-ready track with just enough of a heavy atmosphere to keep “metal heads” pounding their chests. Perhaps the most interesting track however, is the A Day To Remember-esque rock song “I Don’t Wanna Know," a fine showing of diversity and a potential look at the future of the band. LIFE RIGHT NOW is a loaded gun ready to explode and take the number one spot of your Metalcore playlists alongside the likes of I Prevail, We Came As Romans, and Issues. Fans of all genres will find something to feed their musical appetite with this album.