99 Rock Presents

Mitch Malloy


Fri, Mar 26

Doors: 7:00 pm

Show: 8:00 pm
Ages 16 and Up
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Mitch Malloy

Malloy is a high energy, powerful, talented, exciting rock band featuring Mitch Malloy, the lead singer from Great White and Van Halen’s lost boy. Malloy performs Mitch’s musical voyage through song and personal stories. Mitch shares stories that include his first record deal with RCA/BMG Worldwide and how he recorded two major-label charting albums. Hear firsthand about his surreal experience on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Learn about the call from Eddie Van Halen to audition for and subsequently join Van Halen and ultimately become remembered as Mitch Malloy, Van Halen’s Lost Boy by Van Halen fans worldwide. The stories go on and on and include Mitch entertaining the idea to join Journey while writing with Jonathan Cain, turning down Chicago, to being chosen as the lead singer of Great White.